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Jason Roberts' Program and Project Management Consulting Services drive business transformation initiatives. We employ a disciplined and executable approach to program management that will ensure consistency and quality while minimizing risk to the overall program. We are often called upon for "Program Rescue" services targeted at problematic initiatives. In all cases, we deliver a repeatable model - our Global Sustainable Deployment Framework - that will facilitate achieving strategic objectives, business coordination, technical improvement and value realization.

Our Global Sustainable Deployment Framework™, supported by ASAP, Run SAP and Solution Manager as our methodology, ensures success during the engagement. The utilization of SAP Best Practices and the ASAP methodology provides a roadmap and accelerators for a range of initiatives including implementations and upgrades, while Run SAP facilitates the implementation of End-to-End solutions operations. Solution Manager establishes a central repository for all project documentation and provides necessary tools for ongoing End to End Operations. Based on our industry experience, Jason Roberts has enhanced these methodologies with additional accelerators.

Jason Roberts' consulting engagement model is focused on aggressively managing the project timeline, resources, scope, and budget. We encourage open communication and feedback with the customer. We believe early playback and validation of the solution, with the business and key stakeholders, will ensure alignment to the customer's business process requirements. Jason Roberts understands the importance of knowledge transfer and ownership and will ensure that the customer team is capable of supporting the solution, once the project is complete.

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